If you have an existing business or getting ready to start one, we can help get you on track. Owning a business creates a liability for people to sue you. The best and cheapest way to protect from such liability is to create a business entity such as a corporation, professional association, or a limited liability company to put a layer of protection between your business and personal assets.

We will also tailor your business entity in a way to meet your needs, such as if you have silent investors, active investors, or family members involved. We can create agreements and corporate paperwork so that everyone knows their responsibilities and obligations and to avoid deadlocks and holdouts. We can also show you how to use a wage strategy where you can save a portion of what you pay to the IRS.

We also handle other business affairs such as contracts, consumer law, secured transactions, collections, mergers, lawsuits, strategic analysis and planning, and corporate communications.

We handle all types of business closing and asset purchase agreements; we focus on identifying all aspects that need to be addressed while structuring the sale in the most beneficial way for our clients.

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