Estate Planning, Advanced Directives, Probate, Elder Law, What does it all mean?

The one common strand apparent in all of above is that if you waited too long, your wishes might be misplaced and the financial consequences can be significant. It is unfortunate but the Legislature of the State of Florida and Congress have written the rules for these areas complex to keep the lay person away from it.

The one redeeming thing is that if you plan ahead with our firm, we can get your estate plan fine tuned to care for you and your loved ones in the event something were to happen. Our goal to make these complex areas of law work towards your advantage.

It is so gratifying to us to see someone leave our firm and know that we were able to save them thousands in estate taxes, save them the hassle and embarrassment of having to appoint a guardian in the event of incapacity, and knowing that the clients wishes for his/her family will be done without the expensive hassle of probate. It is also so disappointing to us to see someone who decided to “do it themselves” for estate planning, and see them make mistakes that ended up costing the family thousands in taxes.

If probate, trust administration or estate taxes must be paid, we will handle the paperwork for you and make the process as easy as possible.

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